about the project
the illustrated edition of the universal declaration of human rights [udhr] was a artivism action, realized by the collaborative mutirão, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the document release. 
the main piece of the celebration was a printed publication of the udhr document, in which every one of the 30 articles were interpreted by a different visual artist, each one creating a poster freely inspired by the message of the original article. the publication had an edition of the 3000 copies to be distributed for free across the city of recife, printed in a large format so that the posters could be used both in in-doors as in outdoors contexts. the printed material had the support of the cepe press and the continente magazine, which inserted the illustrated edition on their magazine release in dec/2018.
the artistic curation, a collaboration between me and the artist raul souza, attempt to select a diverse group of visual artists, composed by 15 womans and 15 mens, that had proficiency in their visual language and, most important, had the sensibility to reflect about complexe issues and address them, both visually and narratively, in a way that resonate with our present moment.
my roles
creator and director
distribution strategist
graphic and web designer
collaborator artist
realized by mutirão
print support by continente magazine
exhibition support by education secretary of pernambuco
exhibition space support by apolo 235
vladimir herzog award of journalism for amnesty and human rights - honor mention in arts (2019)
adg brazilian graphic design biennale (2019)

download full publication (16mb)
the launch of publication was on 6 of december/2018, week of the 70th anniversary of the udhr (10/dec) and, to mark this celebration, an exhibition of the 30 posters were produced and stayed open for the public for 30 days. at the launch event a open debate about human rights and the brazilian political context was promoted with human right specialists and with the artists. also the printed publication was distributed to the visitors.
along with the printed edition and the gallery exhibition, a digital strategy also was created to repercute the material online. for that we made use of the combined network of the 30 artists that collaborate in the edition. on the same day each one posted on their social network the artwork along with the article of the udhr. this orchestrated movement quickly spread across the web and made several posters going viral, reposted by magazines, blogs, curators and the general public. also a website with the complete artworks collection in high resolution was published.
for the close piece of the celebration we had some street actions, both official and organic, where the printed publication has whetpasted in walls across the city. this completed the overall artivism actions with a printed publication, free distribution, gallery exhibitions, a debate, social network and web distribution and street presence.
durin the last two years since the launch of the project we had several reactions from public at different contexts, at the web, social media, awards and articles reviews, but the most rewarding has been the frequent contact from schools and universities that wanted to host exhibitions and debates using the illustrated edition as facilitator for approaching the theme of human rights and all the complexe messages of this document.
project conclusions
2018 was a critical year in brazil's political context since populism fueld with intolerance gained shocking support across the country. The moment this publication was released, right after the presidential election, resulted in a synchronic relation to those matters, offering something like a cathartic feeling of hope, both to the participants as to the public that related to the project. 
complete credits
directed by Celso Hartkopf
artistic direction by Raul Souza
art direction and graphic design by Celso Hartkopf and Raul Souza
produced by Celso Hartkopf, Raul Souza, Arthur Braga, Hermano Ramos and André Valença
​graphic production by Janio Santos
​guest artists Bia Melo, Biarritzzz, Catarina Dee Jah, Celso Hartkopf, Clara Moreira, Clara Nogueira, Clara Simas, Eduardo Nóbrega, Felipe Vaz, Guilherme Moraes, Hana Luzia, Ianah, Isabela Stampanoni, Isabella Alves, Joana Liberal, João Lin, Laura Pascoal, Marília Feldhues, Mascaro, Mauricio Nunes, Mello, Priscila Lins, Raoni Assis, Raul Luna, Raul Souza, Rodrigo Gafa, Roger Vieira, Simone Mendes, Thales Molina, Wictor OUTRO
realizated by Mutirão
supported by Revista Continente

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